Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Celebrating 100 LIKES on my FB page!

A little birdie told me that if you visit my Face Book page you'll find a contest going on!!

So, hop on over to my page and see what you need to do. Below are some photos of the bracelets offered. Some lucky person will be chosen on January 31. That's right! I'm giving YOU a present on MY birthday!! 

The bracelets are all copper cuff style. 

The first reads "BE" and is embellished with a lovely resin rose and a dangling bead. 



SO, visit my Face Book page, follow the rules, and take a chance on winning a lovely handmade copper cuff bracelet!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Creating Beauty in the Ordinary

Just a brief writing today. Just a tidbit as my mom would have said.

I just spent three hours ironing. Yep, ironing. And, I know, in this day and age you don't HAVE to iron, but... I was ironing things from a previous day and age. From a time when housewives spent time creating beautiful spaces in their homes, and when that was okay to do.

As I was ironing I kept thinking of all the other things I could have done:

  • created art
  • read a book
  • gone to the YMCA
  • worked on a lesson plan for school
  • worked on a lesson for the new art classes
  • worked more on the book I'm writing
  • anything
  • everything
  • nothing
But, I kept ironing. You see, for me at least, creating a beautiful home is part of recognizing who God made me to be. Wife. Mother. Keeper of the Home. creator of things beautiful. Today the beauty meant caring for my home. Making it a place of rest and enjoyment for myself and others. It meant caring for what God gave me, and being grateful. And, I'll be honest... I like to iron. I like ironing our linens.... tablecloths, doilies, runners, napkins... As I iron I watch a show, I think of all the times I've used that piece of linen, of all the people who've used that linen, I think of the colors that give me pleasure, I enjoy the texture of the vintage cloth. I even enjoy the little stains that remind me of past celebrations. 

Ironing helps me to create beauty (by making a clean house) and to enjoy beauty. Hope you enjoy my table cloths as much I do. Come over some day and sit and have tea with me, see what I pull out. Enjoy it. Ask about it. Dream. Dream of beauty, color, texture. It's all art. It's all part of creating something special. 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Greetings Friends!

Wow, I had no idea how long it had been since I had blogged here. Sorry! 

SO much to say and so little time. 

Fast forward to now and:
  • done some Art and Soul shows
  • started Artisan Home Shows this year
  • taught art at Clear Creek Christian School for k-6 for a full year
  • invited to be the K-12 art teacher at Lighthouse Christian Academy,which I turned down, but so grateful for the request
  • worked on new techniques
  • been inspired by students and friends as they've used art to find their voice
  • am in the process of working on a combo of Bible Study/Art class to help others find their voices. 
Some day I hope to share with you all my story of how art helped me to find my voice. To find who God created me to be. And to share His word and His message with others. I'm still in the very very very early stages of planning, but I forsee using art with studies and journaling. 

Please pray for me as I search out what God wants me to do, and how I'm to do it. But, I'm so very very excited to share with you all! 

And, because pictures are fun... here are a few of my recent creations... just because!

Absent From the Body
an altered bottle

Glad Tidings
and altered bottle

Hope, the Thing With Feathers
an altered bottle

Like these? Want to see more of what I do? Check out my etsy shop and my Facebook page as well! 
p.s. there's a contest going on at my Facebook page... when I reach 100 likes I'll send a small thank you to someone randomly chosen. Will give directions on that later. When I reach 200 likes I'll giveaway one of my signs. Come on over and like the page!