Thursday, April 15, 2010

Seasons of Creating

A friend and I were recently talking a lot about what we wanted from our art, what our hopes and dreams were, why we created, etc. It seems both of us hit a "slump" or a slow-down at the same moment. As I began with The Artistic Mothers group my creative juices were in high gear and doing art for 30 minutes a day was an easily attained goal.

Then a new "season" arrived... in my life it's not just spring, summer, winter, fall. When I think of seasons of creating I actually think of the different ways that creating or art looks at different times.

  • From the gut ~  a project "makes itself" in my head and I literally get no rest till the project is completed
  • From the heart ~ a project is born in my head, but may take months or longer to evolve into a finished piece. It may start one way, then morph a bit, then get worked on, then laid aside to view and mull over and then worked a bit more
  • For a need ~ someone's birthday or special event comes along and I know I want to make something for that person and start pulling out "stuff".... lace, ribbons, folios, postcards, buttons and seeing what happens. Funny story. When showers come along in our church, generally bridal showers, I guess there are a few who expect (Not sure that's the correct word.), or hope, I'll make a card. I think that's fun, but it also makes me nervous. I don't want to let pride become the reason I create.
  • Art Show ~ so I've only done three shows, but when I find myself making art to fill space on a table I wonder if it's art or if it's craft... Anyone know the difference? I'd love to hear about it.
  • Because what I'm doing is what God wants me to do ~ this is the place I want to be all the time. ALL THE TIME!
While I know that I "can" create things that people enjoy or that people will even buy I want to create because that's where God wants me RIGHT NOW. So, some days I don't do my thirty minutes a day. Or, I do it, but others wouldn't recognize it as art.

The other day I spent hours helping to create something... a family... as I was their doula and assisted them during their delivery. To me that is art in pure form. Art is creating to serve God... I was creating moments for them, pictures of the delivery, helping a new family to begin. So, my season right now is "Expectation"...waiting to see what God wants of me. I have tasks... three necklace orders, finishing a banner I started, finishing a collage which has been a "From the heart" project and hopefully I will get back to TAM.

But, the actual season of spring also means creating beauty out of doors, finishing up another year of homeschooling and simply praising God for the beauty He has created all around me.

What are your seasons of art?


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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Hi All,
Over at my other blog there's a giveaway going on. Yep, that's right. And the date has been extended as .... sigh.... only ONE person entered. Yep, just one. Now that one person is going to get a special prize no matter what, but if you jump on over and enter the contest you can win a prize as well. Actually three prizes... possibly more if I'm feeling happy and generous by next Thursday!

Want to see the prizes? Here's a peek... for more info go to "Trust Joyfully".

Hope you'll join in the fun! Lots of ways to enter.

Blessings, Kim

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Trust Joyfully has a giveaway goin' on!

Hi All,
As some of you may have figured I am running three blogs... one is general, one is for my doula business, and the other is this one here for my art. Well, I've reached 100 posts on my general blog and am hosting a giveaway. So, for the information on how to participate jump on over and see what's up. You have six different ways to enter!

Just click on the link on the sidebar and you'll arrive at the contest!

Good Luck!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It's time to catch up!

Life has been a little more than full lately. Perhaps OVERFLOWING would be the best word. However, we are slowly returning to our normal routine... and by that I mean that I am letting us sleep in every morning till 9 or 9:30 until I finally feel rested. Most mornings I'm up by 6 or 7, but I get a glass of water, sit down in an easy chair and snooze a bit more. Sounds decadent, but I think it's what the doctor orderd after our busy schedule and my illness. This morning is one of the first mornings I'm starting to feel myself. To that end I'm updating my blogs and putting up some OLD pictures.

Here goes:
My "booth" at the childbirth expo.
Several thoughts: know what size table you'll have. ACK to the table cloth.
Even if you sell nothing, which was the case, you get the word out.
I did sell one necklace later after the expo.
I sold 3 necklaces at the other booth I had the same day.

Wee One has taken to prepping "welcome home" posters to put on the door leading to the basement from the garage for Dear when he arrives home. Somehow he's earned the nickname "Possum."
Go figure!

Not sure if I posted these earlier... unstamped background papers.

These are some of the stamped papers. Now that the two shows, expo and Easter are past I can concentrate on this online class again. The art I've been working on each day has been jewelry, jewelry, jewelry. Wish I had taken a photo of my two recent necklases "Allelujah"... a domino necklace, but done in paper collage style, and "Miss Emily" ... a domino necklace using "A Bit of Charm" style photo. The first was for my Easter attire and the second was sold to another doula who founded the expo. I've also completed 4 mini journals in the style we're to use for our poetry journal. One is already gone, as a gift. Hopefully I'll get photos up of the other three. They are so sweet!

Lovebirds ... $10
Vintage domino adorned with vintage bird cut out, a defintion from a late 19th centery dictionary. Around the sides of the domino you'll find rich copper trim. The waxed linen necklace is embellished with a gorgeous black button and several rich metalic beads.

Bloom... a bleated birthday gift for Bekcy
she is blooming in godliness, maturity and her pregnancy!

"Bird in Flight"... I went for a diferent style this time. Fun and funky!

A gorgeous irridescent blue disc , over which flies a sweet "antiqued" swallow, while below dangles various glass beads and a stamped word. All hang on a simple but lovely waxed linen necklace.

Woodland Flower... $25

A lovely glass disc over which dangles an antique button. From below is a group of hanging beads, along with a stamped copper word. All hung from an antique style chain.

 "Friendship" and "Golden Swirl" earrings
$20 and $20

A "Bit of Charm" in the original style on a simple copper ball chain, the necklace is ehanced with a sweet rose gold plated swirl and glass beads. The earrings are on rose gold findings, also with rose gold swirls, rose gold beads, glass beads and luscious "jade" style beads. Perfect gift for a special sister or your best friend!

"Miss Olivia"... $30
Another in the "Bit of Charm" line... named for a lovely young lady in town. The photo reproduction is ehanced with delicious glitters, while the lovely rose gold chain has various dangles including rose gold charms, an antiqe button and glass beads.

"Psalm 23" ... $25
Another in the "Bit of Charm" necklace line. A lovely reproduction of a vintage postcard. Enhanced with glitter, glass bead dangles, rose gold dangles and a gorgeous antique button! The back reads "Psalm 23."

"All That Glitters" bracelet and matching earrings
bracelet... $35 and earrings... $20

Gorgeous antique buttons set on goldtone findings. Some buttons are stamped, some enameled and some set with contrastings metals. All unique and very collectible! The earrrings are adorned with gold tone beads and lovely glass beads as well.

"Psalm 23" Breast Cancer bracelet...$18.50
Mixed beads with silvertone spacers which help to share the thought of Psalm 23. Originally made as a breast cancer survivor bracelet. Might also be worn in memory of a loved one.

"Glassy Black" ... $45
Collectible antique and vintage black buttons, some from the 1800s!
All set on a silvertone bracelet.

Here is "Glassy Black" with "Stunning Sterling" set,
altogether I call this "Black Tie Affair" as it's that rich and gorgeous!

Necklace and earrings use sterling silver findings, swarovsky crystal beads, vintage "pearls" and a gorgeous shell and "pearl" vintage pendant/button.
Black Tie Affair!

I hope you enjoy all my creations. None are listed on artfire or etsy yet, so feel free to contact me here if you're interested in purchasing any of these items!

Blessings, Kim