Monday, June 28, 2010

Has it really been that long?

I've been MIA... so sorry. Various health issues.... earlier on I didn't even know I had "health issues".... have kept me both from my daily creating and my daily blogging. Praise God we have ruled out the meanest and nastiest health issues and are left with some that will mean creative living, but not a "death sentence" by any means. (Visit my other blog for more info: )

In the meantime, I may not have been creating daily, but I have been creating. And, I've been teaching others to create as well. We ended our homeschool year with an assemblage/collage project which used the background paper technique from The Artistic Mother book, although we applied it to stretched canvas. Then we used many found objects and went to town. I hope to post pictures at some point... the projects were amazing!

I was also asked to make a series of BFF necklaces. Quite a challenge! In the end I used one of my background papers, added stuff on the computer, shrank it down, made a collage and then cut it into pieces to be applied to each domino. I was VERY happy. So was the lady who ordered them. So was the shop owner who asked about me to see if I would be interested in working with them to sell my jewelry. We'll see if I follow through... life, energy, health.

In the meantime, I've made several necklaces for friends, and continued to gather found objects, haunted auctions and hit garage sales. As "Art and Soul" approaches (our local art and craft show which I've been invited to take part in) I am seeing that I want to limit some of my work: necklaces, notebooks and some Christmas stuff. My domino and "Bit of Charm" necklaces have a small following, and from the last show I know my button jewelry should also sell well. So, just taking baby steps. Still creating, just slowly, but savoring the lack of fear about health issues!

Hope you all are doing well!