Tuesday, November 29, 2011

One More Day to Save 20%

Dear Readers,
There's one more day left to save 20% at either my Etsy store or anything you see for sale here. Now, don't be fooled. IF you see one domino necklace that means there are 18 more for sale. Actually, 14 more. Sold are: Fly, Sweet Aroma, Hope and Bloom. But the rest are still there waiting for someone to love them. And with the sale they are only $8.00 I have multiple BOC necklaces, some on ball chains and some on rose gold plated chains with dangles. ($13 and $20 during the sale).

If you shop Etsy the coupon code is "ArtandSoulmonth"... if you shop here just contact me before midnight Nov. 30.

Remember, either items seen here or in my Etsy shop. And, I'll do special orders as well, but the discount will only be 10% .

SO, check out the bottles old and new, Bit of Charm (BOC) necklaces, domino necklaces and the new natural stone necklaces. Oh... and earrings as well. Many have been made to accompany a necklace already made.

                                                 A sampling of domino necklaces... styles and colors. Happy to make special orders. 20% off pre-made and 10% off special orders. 
On Etsy coupon code is "artandsoulmonth"

 Natural stone necklaces in "jasper" and "turquoise"
each one strung on waxed linen, matching beads and dangles in rose gold plated or platinum plated. 
$20 during the sale.

BOC bottles...

The back shows the necklace hanging.

The necklace is easily removed to wear,

and then...

when you're done simply twine the necklace around the neck of the bottle.

Turn the bottle around and you'll see the lovely decorations on the front.

$24 during the sale for both bottle and necklace. (Check earlier posts for other items.)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Art & Soul... my booth in picture form

And yes, this is for my mom and aunt who ask every year. Enjoy ladies. While my sales were few my display made me smile. See if you can find the touch of "Schalf" in the display. I have some every year...

 This year I added a small side table for Christmas items. I am so grateful to my church for allowing me to borrow these lovely table skirts!

 This is more of a frontal shot of the booth. I was able to be stationed just inside the entry doors. 

 To the left of me was "The Bath Hour." This was Sheila's first show ever. Hope she did well as April and I spent the last two years coaxing her to come. Sheila runs "Yellow Moon" a wonderful antique store in Franklin, IN. 

 Here's an array of necklaces... the natural stone necklaces are a first this year. I have a number still available in "jasper" and "turquoise." They are $25 a piece, and not yet listed on Etsy.

Here's the "Touch of Schlaf" this year... Grandpa's silver tea service from the Illinois Central Dining Car. Last year I used the table cloth from the dining car and the year before I used some vintage Christmas pieces. 

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!
Love, Kim

My Etsy shop has reopened!

It was an interesting sale in which I learned much about pride and plans vs reality and the economy. Ah well... there were some lovely new booths at Art and Soul this year and I hope that they did very well and continue to do so.

For myself I've some merchandise that I've listed on Etsy. So, take a peek at the sidebar and you'll four of my items shown there. Simply click on the link. If you see an item on my blog, but not on etsy, simply email me and I'll happily work with you.

Praying you all find much to be thankful for this week!
Blessings, Kim

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Art and Soul

Art and Soul
Whimsy and The Word
chaos and glitter

These all describe this time of my life. I am displaying in my art much of what is in my soul. My new line of altered bottles is called "Praise and Worship" and is based upon scripture and praise songs. These bottles feature a bit of soldering... but only a bit... beeswax, words, charms, keys, bits and pieces and they all come together to share a message that God is worthy of praise and honor. Much of this work was inspired as I listened to the Good Shepherd Band's album, "Glorious Things."  (The first link will take you to their newest release, and the second to the named album.)

"Wake Awake"

 "Glorious Things"

"Hold Fast"

"Unveil My Heart"

More domino necklaces have shown up this year. However, contrary to past efforts these are more vibrant in color and simpler in thought. Rather than an entire definition these are single word thoughts which are enhanced with graphics and stickers. All is encased in a sealant to keep these fresh for years to come. Each necklace is adorned with a selection of beads, and the "clasp" is a simple loop and vintage button. All is strung on waxed linen.

BOC, or Bit of Charm, necklaces are back. You'll note the addition of more color here as well. While working with the children's group at church we made a series of necklaces for young ladies, ages 6-12, and you'll see some of that style here.  A bit more playful, a bit more colorful, strung on copper ball chain. But, the ever popular ehanced BOC for adults is back, all strung on rose gold plated chains. Each vintage reproduction is enhanced with a thought or trait and then glitter is added, and all is encased in between two glass slides and inserted in a copper-tone frame. The necklace itself features "dangles" made from a varitey of bead types.

(I'll try to upgrade photos later... please bear with me as I'm rushing to prepare for the show on Saturday.)


Miss Gladys
(the dangles aren't showing, but trust me, they are there!)

And, I've added a new twist... BOC Bottles... matching BOC necklaces and bottles... wear the necklace or hang it on the bottle for display. Pretty awesome!

Love, Waiting and Patience
each bottle and necklaces set is $35

Four variations of "JOY" on canvas, just in time for the Christmas season. Each canvas is primed with gesso and uses a coarse texture gel to enhance the "snowy" impression the piece is supposed to impart. The entire canvas is then painted with acrylics, letters added, and glitter sprinkled generously over all. The letters are made of painted and glittered wood, and the "O" is a simple wreath made of berry garland. These are simple and festive and hang from a glittery lovely ribbon.

 Each one sells for $15.

A few earlier pieces remain available as well, for more details please ask, but these are all assemblage pieces using vintage and antique pieces, beads, glitter, etc. There are altered book covers, assemblages, and more.

"Put Your Tears in My Bottle"

(There are two smaller pieces, framed in cream, not pictured here.)

"For of Such is the Kingdom of God"

"Come With Me"

And, previous bottles... each with it's own story or feeling.

Knowing Faith

Amber Waves

Amber Swirls

Primary Swirls
 Primary Twirls

The Harvest
 The Dreamer
 Twilight Music

Fairy Princess

Earrings: I have many, here are a sampling:

Fairy Glass

Rosy Swirls

Here's a nice set... bracelet and earrings, both from vintage and antique buttons.
Glossy Black
Bracelet: $35
Earrings: $25
HOWEVER, if you buy the set I discount it to $50 for the set.

Earth Tones
set: $10

Golden Swirls

Pierced Heart

Please come visit tomorrow and see what else I've added here... or simply come to Art and Soul Artisan and Crafter's Fair, this Saturday, November 19 at Chapmans, on the corner of E. 3rd and HWY46/446. I'll be there from 10-3 at "Whimsy and The Word." 

Thanks everyone!