Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's a giveaway....

Sorry, not mine, not yet. But if you hurry over to Robin's Egg Blue by tomorrow you'll have a chance to enter her giveaway. Just click the button on the right and you'll find lots of treasures!
Blessings, Kim

Monday, March 22, 2010

~Beauty in the eye of the beholder~

I've been avidly taking pictures each week. I guess I really need to read about what kind of pictures I'm supposed to be taking for "The Artistic Mother" group, but I'm just happy at this point to be doing some art each day. Poetry needs to come next, but that's not hard for me, I love it. Don't make time for it, but love it. And words. And taking pictures. So... anyway, here are a few shots from my recent tries. And a couple pieces of poetry, along with an occasional explanation (see below)... guess there's still a lot of teacher in me!

"These boots they keep on walkin'..."
from our weekend hike at a local state park...
our personalities shine through
mama in her sensible shoes... made to go IN the water
MMH in her favorite "throw them off" flips
Wee One in her crocs... easy on, easy off, whatever...
Dear in his HIKING shoes, because he's HIKING

 Lenten Flowers
by Kathleen Raine

Primrose, anemone, bluebell, moss
Grow in the Kingdom of the Cross

And the ash-tree's purple bud
Dresses the spear that sheds his blood.

With the thorns that pierce his brow
Soft encircling petals grow

For in each flower the secret lies
Of the tree that crucifies.

Garden by the water clear
All must die who enter here!

"Water Faeries"
Whispers and ripples,
wavelets and trills,
the sight of the faeries
my joy nearly fills.

Whimsy and notion
born in my head,
thoughts of them linger
while I lay on my bed.

Yet still in the daylight
in the shallows nearby
I see their reflections
joined with the sky.

"Fly Away Home"

"Three Tree Trolls"

Hope you enjoyed the pics. I narrowed it down from over 147.
Happy Arting!


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Too many pies?

or too few fingers?

I feel like I've gotten my creative juices flowing EVERYWHERE. And, as is often the case, about the time I get going something stops me. This time it's some nasty bug I've picked up somewhere... fever, chills, cough, burning lungs, you know... nastiness.

But, I've continued to work. And, best of all, I've shared the creative process. Last Friday I began teaching collage to a group of 9 homeschool students... AND... their moms. Yes!!! I finally have ALL the moms participating. We used the background pages technique from TAM (The Artistic Mother) for our canvas and while they dried we went "shopping."  Everyone had brought "found objects" from home to share, I passed out an egg carton to each person and we went digging. A junker's paradise!

The flu/cold bug hit full force on Saturday after a full day of serving at a wedding and by that evening I was huddled and shivering under blankets while my precious Dear cared for me. We dragged out of bed on Sunday morning, headed to church so I could teach Sunday school and be refreshed by the preaching, then home again to repeat Saturday night. Monday we drove Senior Son to the airport, then home to more shivering.

Blessedly the bug is working it's way out of my system, although it's not gone yet.

 This is MMH's journal from her party. It was a "mistake" as she put it, but turned into the most gorgeous journal. The back side is more of the same along with a picture of an elf and an old ship. 

I've been LOVING using "The Artistic Mother" with my homeschool art class AND with MMH's birthday party. We did "background canvas" for our collage work in art class, but for the birthday party we made the journals. Well, they did. I'm not ready yet.
This is Wee One's journal. I think she was hungry... note the DQ, McD's and other food related items... along withe the "stop" theme... even related to the paper. Cute for a little 10 year old!
While they were working on their journals I painted more background pages, then started stamping. Then I went and pouted for a while as my pages did NOT turn out the way I wanted. I guess I'll be working on more pages. The only problem with all this is the AMOUNT OF THINGS I HAVE TO GET DONE IN THE NEXT 7 DAYS! YIKES!!!! In the midst of this online art fun, I am also helping with a first time ever Christian Childbirth Expo, which is being hosted at our church. There are five of us running this thing and I somehow am making all the fliers, invites, inserts, name tags, etc. Which "should" be fun, but somehow I am also having two booths on Saturday, same day as the expo. One is at the expo and one is at a friends sale in town... her first ever house sale. She has this awesome 40's bungalow that is decorated... in the style of the 40s. It is so stinkin' cute! Anyway, she's selling vintage, supplies, and art. (She's also an antique dealer.) In the midst of this I have to seriously get some housework done as the nasty bug has slowed me down, plus teach some co-ops, etc.

I did get about 9 necklaces, 2 pairs of earrings and 2 GORGEOUS button bracelets made last week. YEAH!!!! Of course, once I made them I wanted to keep them. AHEM! Anyone else have this problem? Sometimes it's hard to sell the art. (Other times it's "hard" to sell the art... like mine isn't moving at all on Etsy or Artfire...).

Well, that's enough. I have more pics from my weekly photo tries. I've been reading and rereading about the photos and I'm still learning. But, that's another post.
Blessings, Kim

Thursday, March 11, 2010

~This Artistic Mother's Vision Statement ~ a work in progress

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made..." John 1:1-3a

God breathes, man moves.
In His image, blessings unfold.
creation continues,
lower case "c",
small scale,
human spark,
but still a gift,
woman hands
Whimsical creatures flit and fly about.
Word fills page,
blesses creator,
lower case "c,"
blessed by Creator.
God is giver of all good gifts.
Share the gifts.
Give Him the glory.
Praise him
in every breath.
God breathes,
man moves.

p.s. My lists are being worked on ... in my head. However, one goal was already reached last Saturday. I bought the book on Friday, read the chapters on motivation and went to work. I had been postponing my physiology exams for 11 months. These were almost the last thing I needed to complete my Childbirth Labor Doula certification. Well, not only did I complete all 8 exams, but by 10 a.m. on Saturday morning I had completed the entire course. I am so thankful!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

~Song of Solomon 2: 11-13~

11For, lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone;

12The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land;

13The fig tree putteth forth her green figs, and the vines with the tender grape give a good smell.

Monday, March 8, 2010

~Sweet Inspiration~

I'm not sure how most artists get their inspiration but mine comes in odd ways. Many nights I'm lying in bed, just waiting to fall asleep and WHAM! an art project just starts forming in my head. I used to wait thinking I'd eventually just fall asleep. Now I've learned... get up, and either go down and lay it out or jot it down in a notebook.

But, somedays my art is not so free flowing. I just NEED some inspiration and that's where my inspiration board comes into play. It's really quite eclectic and even I am amazed at things I find on it. Did I really put that there? And of course the answer is "yes" because NOBODY messes with my board.

Oh, did you want to see it? Well... here it is in all it's "glory?"... whatever...
You can click on it for a larger picture and to read what I wrote...

So, minus the "artsy" fading... my creative space is comprised of several pieces in our basement. Part of this area is a very shallow niche in which we have a "book and board" bookshelf. Over the years its held any number of things, most recently it held homeschool supplies, kids' craft supplies and office supplies. I "accidentally" took it over about 4 months ago and now it's mostly home to my art supplies, plus a few office supplies. On the top shelf are completed projects, bottles waiting to be altered and a few "things" that I just love for one reason or another. At this point no rhyme or reason... I just don't have the space, so this is "home" to my stuff. And, above it all is my inspiration board where I have things hanging that I love, want to use, or simply to remind me of who I am.

Here you can see some of my favorite older images. Note the bird and the bird house? The bird house was a free find at our local recycle center at the town dump site. I've found LOTS of treasures there. The bird was from Mama Magpie maybe? The little glittery garland was a bargain at an antique sale to which Dear brought me for my birthday. I may use it one day, or I may just keep it. Have I mentioned I LOVE glitter?In the lower right corner is the flyer from my first ever art show... this past November. I can hardly believe it's only been about a year since I started creating. Time flies...

And here are the "American Heroes" which I spoke of in my first photo. There are a few more, they just didn't make the shot. You'll note a victorian postcard... I have a "few" of these... ahem! The beautiful buttlerfly was a find at our local farmer's market last summer. The artist makes them from old drink cans. Too too cool! I love the colors. And do you see the sweetly glittered snowflake? Wee One created that ornament. She has a love affair with snow!

I know, no "studio" pics... but seriously... it's a small small place. The vintage table, white enameled, is from my MIL's house. They were going to leave it behind when they moved. How did I miss that table all the years I visited that house?! The table sits right next to the shelves. I have many baskets on the shelves and on the table, along with vintage tins, holding my items. Across the room is an old old wooden library card catalog holding little treasures... post cards, pictures, brads, stickers, lace leaves, etc. And in the corner are stacks of plastic bins and  a huge ugly, but functional "wood" cabinet. It may not be the most beautiful of spaces, but I feel so fortunate that my dear husband understands my need to create and doesn't mind sharing the basement with me... across from the glitter, glue and pink is a big metal weight lifting station. Not to menton that around the corner is part of the family library, some antique rockers, a couple of desks and the computers. Quite the eclectic space. Welcome to my eclectic world.  A little bit of this and a little bit of that, it all helps my sweet inspiration.

Blessings, Kim

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Background Papers...and a collage

I think I jumped the gun just a bit. But after I picked up the book I got SOOOO excited. I did go home and tidy up my work area, but it's a small small small area and so it's never totally tiday. One thing out means a mess. Anyway...

As I read I saw endless opportunities to use the lessons within. I was so inpsired that I finished several projects already in progress. My biggest project? I completed my doula certification. You can read here about that. I finished a domino necklace, put it on, took it off, took it apart and remade it. Then made earrings to match. (Pictures to follow later.) I also completed a lovely collage and two background cavnases. Coincidentally (not in my world!) I am just starting to teach collage to my homeschool art class and decided that they would also be making a background paper or canvas. So, I did two in the "conveyor belt" style which Shona speaks of. Both of these are gesso primed flat canvas boards measuring 5 x7.

On the first canvas I used a spring green, pink, and a rich blue. I'll have to find the color names. These were all acrylics I had on hand. I used similar techniques on both canvases. I found I had way too much paint and the colors muddied, so I scraped more, used a wet towel and muted the entire canvas. I began again with less paint and a different dragging technique. I then added a few drops of water and blotted with a towel. I have not added any stamps or prints to this canvas yet.

The second used a pale pink, country blue and a dusty green. I used 3 pools of each color and used a putty knife for scraping. Although I used much less paint my "drops" were more like "blobs" and so I found I had way too much paint and again the colors muddied, so I scraped more, added tiny drops of water and blotted with paper towels. I began again with less paint and a different dragging technique. I then added a few drops of water again and blotted with another paper towel. I scraped a bit more and then I used the edge of the knife to "scratch" the paint. They are addicting! I had so much fun.

Well, when I brought them to class on Friday to show the kids I learned  they were doing fern prints for science. Who says a stamp needs to be rubber?! I painted up the fern leaves and added them to one of the canvases using a pink I had mixed, a rich cobalt blue and a glittery green. (You all will learn that I LOVE LOVE LOVE glitter!)

So, that's the start. Today's art was taking photos outside. I figured since I started a day early I was okay with that. I have not worked on my goals as yet... spent 14 hours since yesterday completing my doula certification and that was one of my life goals I had set. So, onwards. I'm looking forward to visitng all your blogs to see what's up in the creating process. I'll be working on more backgrounds as Mama Magpie and I are doing an art day together and that's what we'll be working on. So, watch her blog next week as well.

for more of "The Artistic Mothers" art goup please visit Trudy's blog, or look at my links on the right... I don't have them all added in yet, but that's another goal. :~)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

" A Bit of Charm"... ~The Miss Emily~

I was recently asked to make a special order "A Bit of Charm" for a very special young woman. Instead of the usual ball chain we chose a rose gold plated copper chain, added 5 dangle beads and a beautiful antique button. This charm will always be known to me as
"The Miss Emily."

Wait till you see them both.

Isn't she lovely? The REAL Miss Emily I mean... and somehow it's fitting that this peacful young woman in the portrait is named after the young woman modeling her... don't you think so?

If you'd like a special order like this just email or visit one of my online stores. Suggested price for this necklace is $25.


~On a roll!~

So, while visiting Mama Magpie's blog I find the most incredible comment... it's about "The Artistic Mother" and oh my I'm hooked before I read much further because I seen more than one child and homeschooling and hey where can I sign up?!

So, with one more look for the title I head OUT THE DOOR to BUY THE BOOK. Seriously, this book has already inspired me to finish TWO projects today... one for sale and one for a gift. I think. We'll see.

So here's the plan, right out of Trudy's comments:

We are getting started this Saturday, May 6th. We'll start off with a small project at first.

We will be allowing two weeks for each project. But if you get behind, please don't worry. Just keep working a little each day. The whole point of this group is to develop the habit of doing art each day. It is also so we can encourage one another and be an accountability group. I personally need the accountability part of it. Knowing that others are coming to see what I'm up to is very motivational; otherwise, I may not finish it on my own. Some projects may be easier for you than others and may allow you to catch up. But if you don't, don't get discouraged. Just keep on going. This is a low pressure group. I want everyone to have fun and also enjoy visiting one another.

And please do a blog post about your participation in the group inviting others to join. Please give a link to my blog for those who may wish to join so they can come here and get the details and sign in. I am keeping a master list of all participants.

Each week do a post of your progress as you go through the book. Please either include links to the other participants in your posts each week or keep them posted in your side bar or you can give the link to my blog in each progress post stating that the master list is on my blog that way everyone can click around and visit all of the other participants' blogs and see everyone's progress for encouragement, inspiration and to encourage.

Note: Due to copyright laws, we are not allowed to do tutorials or step-by-step photos of the projects on our blogs or take photos of the pages in the book and post them. You may post a photo of your version of the project and talk about your experiences and feelings relating to it.

Also, if you are doing this project with a friend, each person must have their book unless you are doing it together under the same roof. No photocopying of the book, please.

I'm just here to say that this book is very well written.... yes, I've already quite a bit even though I only bought it a few hours ago... that's what waiting rooms are for, right?

Check back regularly to see what I've done with the group.

Not to mention... what I've been doing for my own pleasure... today I've finished a collage AND a necklace... I'll try to get photos up soon.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More ~Fairy Tales in Glass~


another altered bottle in the "Fairy Tales in Glass" line.
This is built on a gorgeous bottle and has a great reproduction of a period postcard. Embellished with antique mother of pearl buttons, vintage laces, gorgeous ribbon, a crystal prism, "Inspire" tag and  single bead. All held together with encaustic medium (beeswax and damar resin) and covered in glitter.
Check ArtFire:

~Old Style Romance~
the final bottle in the "Fairy Tales in Glass" series. This uses a nice reproduction of a period postcard. The bottle is wrapped in layers of fabric, eyelet, ribbon and some gorgeous crocheted lace. The open work is filled with tiny peal beads and all is held together with encaustic medium (beeswax and damar resin). The top of the bottle is tied with crushed silk ribbon and vintage lace and attached is a lovely crystal prism, word tag and an exquisite vintage earring. 
Check ArtFire

~If I could put time in a bottle...~

Actually, what's lacking for my bottles is metal. Old metal, old tin, old pressed metal ceiling tiles, rusty mesh, or something of the sort. Any ideas? Haven't found it yet. But, as you can see I'm not running short on bottles.

And, truth be told I still have most of my bottles for sale. Any takers? I'd be happy to work a deal with you. Check them out on ArtFire and Etsy and let me know what you think.

Peace ~ Shalom~ Kim