Thursday, April 15, 2010

Seasons of Creating

A friend and I were recently talking a lot about what we wanted from our art, what our hopes and dreams were, why we created, etc. It seems both of us hit a "slump" or a slow-down at the same moment. As I began with The Artistic Mothers group my creative juices were in high gear and doing art for 30 minutes a day was an easily attained goal.

Then a new "season" arrived... in my life it's not just spring, summer, winter, fall. When I think of seasons of creating I actually think of the different ways that creating or art looks at different times.

  • From the gut ~  a project "makes itself" in my head and I literally get no rest till the project is completed
  • From the heart ~ a project is born in my head, but may take months or longer to evolve into a finished piece. It may start one way, then morph a bit, then get worked on, then laid aside to view and mull over and then worked a bit more
  • For a need ~ someone's birthday or special event comes along and I know I want to make something for that person and start pulling out "stuff".... lace, ribbons, folios, postcards, buttons and seeing what happens. Funny story. When showers come along in our church, generally bridal showers, I guess there are a few who expect (Not sure that's the correct word.), or hope, I'll make a card. I think that's fun, but it also makes me nervous. I don't want to let pride become the reason I create.
  • Art Show ~ so I've only done three shows, but when I find myself making art to fill space on a table I wonder if it's art or if it's craft... Anyone know the difference? I'd love to hear about it.
  • Because what I'm doing is what God wants me to do ~ this is the place I want to be all the time. ALL THE TIME!
While I know that I "can" create things that people enjoy or that people will even buy I want to create because that's where God wants me RIGHT NOW. So, some days I don't do my thirty minutes a day. Or, I do it, but others wouldn't recognize it as art.

The other day I spent hours helping to create something... a family... as I was their doula and assisted them during their delivery. To me that is art in pure form. Art is creating to serve God... I was creating moments for them, pictures of the delivery, helping a new family to begin. So, my season right now is "Expectation"...waiting to see what God wants of me. I have tasks... three necklace orders, finishing a banner I started, finishing a collage which has been a "From the heart" project and hopefully I will get back to TAM.

But, the actual season of spring also means creating beauty out of doors, finishing up another year of homeschooling and simply praising God for the beauty He has created all around me.

What are your seasons of art?


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  1. You are so right. God is a creative being and He made us creative beings. I join you in praising God for the beauty He has created all around us. I really love nature. God is so good to give us a beautiful world to enjoy.

    I am not always in a creative mood, but I really try to not live by my feelings and create something each day, even if it's just a little something; and quite often just by my moving through the motions, the artist muse will return. It also amazes me how even doing a little something each day, even if only for 15 minutes, by the end of the week or month how much was accomplished. It all adds up.

    You have made something beautiful things. And you are right, that being creative comes in many forms, including helping a new family get a start and homeschooling. Just being a mom is a creative endeavor. You really have to be creative to raise up a family and keep a home.

    This was a wonderful post. Thank you.