Saturday, January 14, 2012

Garden Tea Party

Yes, I know it's winter. January to be precise. Yes, I know it's snowy outside. And in the 20s to boot. And yes, I know this is my art blog. But, this party was a fun party showing some wonderful artsiness (don't you LOVE that word?!) by my friend April, and her daughter Ava. I had a bit role as well... supplied a few things here and there.

the LoVeLy Miss Ava... oh, excuse me, Princess Ariel! She and her sister had their own personal tea party table set and ready to go.

Note the "Olivia" theme... Miss Tiny LOVES Olivia. 

So, I brought the Fostoria china... can you believe how beautiful it looks  here? I almost returned this to my mother-in-law. It belonged to Dear's Grammie. I'm so glad we kept it. It's GoRgEoUs! Worked well with April's stemware. Are you seeing the art in all of this? 

LOVE the hat! She brought many of her hats to share with us. I'm talking the vintage and antique hats, not the "wife, mother, Sister in Christ, teacher, chocolatier" hats...

Wish you could see the whole ensemble here. April's got  StYlE!

What about this hat?

Good choice!

Can't believe I caught this picture. Love it. 

Like mother like daughter. She has her very own fashion sense... pink, purple, Ariel, crowns, BLING... that's her style!

We had to be with her as she chose her "jewels" for the party.  Wait till you see the next picture... after all, she's also her mama's daughter, and where would she be without her ...

RED cowboy boots?!

This is my goddaughter. I really love her!

One small shot of April's amazing house. Go look this week. Quick. Next week it will be different. But always awesome and gorgeous. April has inspired me to seek beauty...spiritual, family, art, style... 

Another sister chick in her bonnet. 

I love it when I see this look on her face. She is so in the moment, watching and storing up memories. 

She ran over and held on tight. It was such a special moment.  My recent greetings have been seeing her fly down the steps yelling "Zee Mama" and then she leaps into my arms, holds on tight and gives me a huge hug. After that I get tours of all that is important in her life that day. 

Yes, berries and blooms in the middle of winter. I TOLD you it was a garden tea party!

With dainty pinkies and all!

"Yes Dahling... I told you. I'm FABULOUS!" (actually, I don't recall what she was saying, but it had that  "uppercrust" tone  to it. I love friends that can make me laugh and step outside the expected!) 

Our original dainty pinky questioner... "Does this mean I have to crook my little finger?"

Daddy Dawg got in on the act when he returned from training. I do believe Miss Tiny  might have had something to do with that! What a great dad to be able to play with his little girls!

Sometimes little hands need help with tea cups. Miss Olivia tea cups that is. 

And yes, the girls got him to try another hat as well.

Just wanted you to see how art plays out off canvas. Make your home your canvas, and your friends, think outside the box and have a garden party in the snow! Thanks April, I love your artistic side. And I love that not only are we BFFs, but that we are sisters in Christ. Thanks for the love, that is part of your art, making others feel beautiful and special and loved. Hope my art can make the same true for you!

Blessings, Kim

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  1. Wow, great post! your shots are amazing-you really got some great moments. I'm so glad I was able to do this for you! And I love what you said about art off the canvas-that has kind of been where I am lately, but never tthought about it in those terms. Beautiful.