Thursday, January 26, 2012

Newest Creations

Recreated an old line... some personal note cards. Spoiler alert.. Aunt Carol if you're reading this, please stop till after the box arrives. Aunt Sue, if you want some for your birthday just let me know. Your box contains something different.

There are two cards each with matching envelope liners/card trims, making for a total of 8 cards. The packet is wrapped in a vintage hankie. I'm so tickled. Had a lot of fun. My original line was made using tools available to me on "Crop Nights", but since that store is no longer open I had to rethink my designs.

I hope she enjoys. I would have rather done lavender as that is a favorite color, but I had pink, so that's what we went with.

Then, I finally started metal stamping/hammering tonight. This is my first attempt, made into a sweet necklace. I really like it.

Although it's hard to tell in this photo, I've used a brass/copper metal for the pendant and chain. The bead is a beautiful pink pearl glass bead. I've done the wire wrapping as well. All new skills since Art and Soul. 

If anyone is interested in ordering a personalized necklace just let me know. I'll happily oblige. Prices will vary depending on metals and beads used. 

Blessings and happy creating!

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