Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Journal Swap... Journal Number Two

Or, "Better late than never."

So sorry Joyce. I can cite all the excuses in the book, but I'm not going to. I just hope you can forgive the late posting. Because I DiD tRuLy LoVe My PaCkAgE!!!

As I noted in a previous post Heather, of Speckled Egg fame, hosted an altered journal swap. It was a lot of fun for a newbie at this swapping business to meet new people via email, try to figure out their "Style" and then create for them. Joyce, from Scrapforjoy, was my second partner and she offered me a whole different approach. She asked me to create something I would like so that she could have a piece of my art to enjoy. That was a FUN assignment!

But, when it came time for her to create for me based on the things I had shared she not only took the things she learned about me, but she also read a bit on my blog/s and figured out a few things about me that helped to make her journal for me OH SO SPECIAL!
Note the lovely colors. Although these were not the colors I had mentioned, they are some of my favorite spring colors because they remind of me of hyacinths, lilacs and violets. My FAVORITE flowers!

Scripture... that was the icing on the cake. TRULY! She figured out what I believed and what was important and incorporated that into my journal design.

The most darling wee envelope just inside to tuck away mementos and notes.

The back inside cover appeared to be a pile of post cards. I LOVE post cards. I have a drawer full of them from which I pick and choose to create my Christmas cards. She really paid attention.

And the extras... At first I saw three scrabble letters and couldn't figure it out. Hmmm... doesn't take a rocket scientist does it? My name! And some cute vintage playing cards to add to art pieces.

Vintage cards... a birthday card received on my birthday week! and  CHOCOLATE. YUM! Already enjoying that treat!

All in all this was an amazing time of meeting, planning, making, sending, waiting, receiving and gratitude. So grateful for my sweet partners and for Heather who began this all. 

Oh... and here's a glimpse of my creations for Joyce:

A Faerie Queen for Joyce's journal... all done in dusty roses and pinks, with a bit of coral, gold and blue.

I really loved this paper flower... walnut ink, glitter and a gorgeous metal floral brad in the middle makes this one of my favorite flower creations. And I also had fun adding words on ribbons as place markers.
This paper made me think of Marie Antoinette... obviously "royal" to match the Faerie Queen.
Every faerie should grant a wish!
 Ah yes... the wish fulfilled... some extra goodies.
Vintage mailers, vintage trim and a personal note just for Joyce.
 How about some old photos, a flower pin I made, and some truffles.
And a domino necklace... one I made... another faerie of course! 

Joyce, I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. Both you and Debra helped to make this a fabulous first swap! Thanks ever so much!



  1. what a wonderful swap and such lovely goodies! thanks for sharing!
    peggy aplSEEDS

  2. I love my journal and all of the other treats you included. I've worn the flower pin twice alredy and have received loads of compliments. You paid close attention, too! I love, love paper flowers and the one on the journal is a beauty. I'm sure you'll be in lots more swaps now that you've experienced this one...maybe we'll meet again. Thanks for your thoughtfulness Kim!