Thursday, February 2, 2012

Journal Swap... Journal Number One

Well, WOW!!!!

I just completed my first ever online swap and so far? YAHOOOOOO!!! It was fun. I've met some very sweet ladies and had lots of fun creating.

BUT... the first journal made FOR me arrived this week and I had to share! This was from Debra. And, might I add, it was wrapped in red and white candy striped tissue? How CuTe is that?!

Debra was the creator. She asked a few questions about color and style. She visited my blogs and she created BEAUTY. Not only that but she included eXtRaS!Oh yes, she did.

Here is a photo sampling of the fun, and it arrived the day before my birthday so it was just like a big wonderful surprise birthday!
I told her I liked pink, vintage, birds, solder, beads, and she picked up on the Victorian influences on  my blogs I guess.

Isn't this a sweet dangle? Debra made it! 

Inside the covers were pockets... and goodies!

And the lining was vintage sheet music! (She must have caught on from my bottle pictures... I used old sheet music on those!) She is so observant and detailed.

Here's the whole package... journal, necklace, boxes to make and alter, slides in frames, bingo cards (How did she know?!), playing pieces, sheet music, tag frames. WOW! 

Here are the bingo cards... I have tons of Blue, had a few red and dark green, but I 've never had this  color or size before. VeRy FuN!

Isn't this sweet? I think I'll wear it to teaching tomorrow...

Thank you Debra! It was awesome!
And please stop by her blog sometime... she makes UBER cute stuff... she has these new bracelets... sooooo sweet!

 Here's a peek of what I made and packed for Debra...

This was fun. I learned this from "The Artistic Mother".... I painted  a background on paper. Then I scanned it into the computer and printed out a copy. I added stamps to it to fit the need. Then I scanned it again on the computer and altered the colors to match the theme and printed it out on card stock. Voila! I made my own paper for Debra's journal... it's made just for her!

What else would you put at the end?
Finis! Of course.

My dangle wasn't quite to the level of a soldered piece, but the colors were perfect and I'm happy.

This is trademark for me... a fairy with wings...

And every fairy should supply a wish. Of Course!

I had so much fun with the extras. Debra said she liked ephemera.

Cabinet photos, vintage printed envelopes, vintage trim, vintage buttons, a flower pin made from  a deconstructed vintage bridal hat and vintage leaf, a domino necklace and some chocolates.

I love making these and the colors matched the journal and the  flower  pin.

Peace Tree Mountain Truffles. Long story... but I was  part of the beginning of this business, although I don't work for them now. Just share the yummies. I hope Debra enjoyed her package as much as I enjoyed mine. This was so much fun!

Blessings, Kim

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