Thursday, March 8, 2012

Great Suppliers!

Usually you get to see my latest pieces here, or maybe a shot of my messy work place. But ,today I want to let you know about three excellent suppliers! Well, two of them I already know are excellent, and the third has already been prompt, honest and oh so helpful, so I'm claiming them as excellent suppliers as well.

1.    No, this is not a gaming site. I have no idea how they got their name. But, for excellent prices on metal stamping blanks, for great pieces, good chain and interesting beads at great prices you can't beat them. I sent in an order Tuesday afternoon and it arrived this morning. No joke! I've ordered sterling silver and copper blanks, sterling silver chain, anti-tarnish papers and a number of beads. I am VERY happy with their prices and service!

2. Zacoo on Etsy   This is actually a shop in China. I know, I know. Made in China? But yes, the beads and cabochons are AMAZING. The prices great. The shipping takes a bit long, but hey, it's coming from Beijing, China! If you order with enough time you'll be very happy with the quality of product!

3. Thunder Moon Supplies on Etsy  The owner answered my questions within a few hours, made a special listing just for me, and when I accidentally over ordered he let me know and credited my account. Also, he shipped within the first 12 hours of ordering. I've not seen what I ordered as yet, but so far I am duly impressed with the honesty, integrity and great service. His shop specializes in chains... bulk and individual, beading/jewelry tools and supplies and other misc. products.

If you work with jewelry I'd highly recommend these shops.

Happy Creating!

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