Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Who loves you? China Blue

While working on the plans for MMH's upcoming birthday gift I was inspired by my jar of owl beads. These beads are totally cute. I ordered them specially from China. Kind of funny... made in China. Anyway... I digress.

I always love a good pun, a play on words, words in general. So, I figured, why not mix words and beads in the same necklace. And, while I was at it I decided to make matching earrings. Who could resist sweet blue owl earrings? Hopefully someone can't resist them! HA

Here they are in all their glory... and they can be purchased on my etsy shop.

Who Loves You? China blue. earrings... $15.00

Who Loves You? China Blue. Necklace...$22.00

A close up of the metal stamping.

Happy Creating!

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