Monday, February 22, 2010

Altered Bottles... Fairy Tales in Glass

Greetings Dear Readers,

About a year ago I discovered JoAnnA's blog site and was inspired by her incredible art. The first things I saw were her altered bottles. After a bit of a push by Mama Magpie I wrote to JoAnnA and asked if I could use some of her ideas as I began to create my own bottles. I didn't want to steal ideas, but I was so inspired. Later after done with the first batch I sent her photos and asked for her comments. I loved what she said about this batch. She called them, "Fairy Tales in Glass." Appropriately that's what I wanted to share, the fairy tale side of love... that first flame, the thoughts in your hearts as you are apart, the hope. And, while I know that love is not always so fairytale-like, and in actual fact is hard work and contains elements of both joy and sorrow I wanted to capture these moments on glass.



Vintage apothecary bottle, encaustic wax, vintage trim, glitter, vintage woodcut picture from an old book, reproduction of a vintage post card, crushed silk ribbon, philosophy tag and a sweet little bead. All combined to show the story of how two lovers cherish each other.


"The Harvest"

Not listed yet on either site... you can buy them here directly from me.

Small vintage bottles, pure beeswax. glitter, reproductions of vintage postcards, ribbon and embellishments.
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"Fairy Song"

This bottle is very old. I have not figured out it's exact time period, but I'm thinking perhaps late 1800's or early 1900's. Embellished with a nice reproduction of a period photo, enhanced with lace "fairy wings" and layered atop a piece of vintage sheet music. All is covered in pure beeswax and enhanced with glitter. The top is embellished with a lovely ribbon and vintage earring. A cute and fanciful piece to enjoy as you dream about world of "make-believe."
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Another vintage bottle. Again, a reproduction of a period photo. She wears wings as if she is the Faerie Queen. All is covered in a gorgeous crystal glitter, embellished with a bit of ribbon, vintage earring and a philosophy tag.
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Shipping will be worked out per order. Please contact me for info if these are not found on my other online sites.
Blessings, Kim

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