Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 2

And still no pictures. But, hang in there. There's a very good reason for this.

When I went last to "Lola Rue" and talked to Lisa she suggested I try to use better photos for my online stores. Aha... yes, it does help if one may actually show the piece in all it's clear beauty... no fuzziness allowed, no accidental dates in the photos, price tags removed, artfully displayed, oh... work.

So, I have been busily re-shooting EVERY SINGLE PIECE. YEP! And my camera batteries wore out. So, now they're recharging and I am too by reading some of my favorite blogs.

And now what I'll be doing is heading over to JoAnnA's blog to finally get the answers figured out to her contest so I can enter the giveaway before it's over and done with. Because if you want some seriously gorgeous art you should check out her site.

ALSO... April is hosting a tag sale at her home... vintage goodies, original art, etc. And I've been invited to have a little bitty table of my own... I'm thinking necklaces.... Check it out.

AND... Also on March 27 at Church of the Good Shepherd we will be hosting a Christian Childbirth Expo... I get to speak a little and maybe host a booth. Come join us. It will be very exciting!

Blessings, Kim

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