Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Buttons and Beads

"Beautiful Buttons"

Art Fire
Product Description:
$ 25.00
Quantity: 1

"Antiqued" copper color necklace. Chain is embellished with 3 vintage mother of pearl buttons. Added on are several scarlet lampwork beads. The clasp has a lovely pearl bead dangle allowing you to clasp it at varying lengths. Looks great against a simple t-shirt, lovely sweater or a nice v-neck shirt.

Inspiration / Story behind this Product:
I was given a large stash of vintage buttons. Truth be told some of them date from the 1850's! I love the look of these buttons but wanted to add a flash of color so dug through the beads and found these lovely scarlet lampwork beads. All in all a lovely piece!

"Lampwork Earrings"


Product Description:
$ 15.00
Quantity: 1
Lovely lampwork bead earrings on gold plated wires. These go well with "Beautiful Buttons" as you can see in the second photo. Necklace sold separately

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