Monday, March 8, 2010

~Sweet Inspiration~

I'm not sure how most artists get their inspiration but mine comes in odd ways. Many nights I'm lying in bed, just waiting to fall asleep and WHAM! an art project just starts forming in my head. I used to wait thinking I'd eventually just fall asleep. Now I've learned... get up, and either go down and lay it out or jot it down in a notebook.

But, somedays my art is not so free flowing. I just NEED some inspiration and that's where my inspiration board comes into play. It's really quite eclectic and even I am amazed at things I find on it. Did I really put that there? And of course the answer is "yes" because NOBODY messes with my board.

Oh, did you want to see it? Well... here it is in all it's "glory?"... whatever...
You can click on it for a larger picture and to read what I wrote...

So, minus the "artsy" fading... my creative space is comprised of several pieces in our basement. Part of this area is a very shallow niche in which we have a "book and board" bookshelf. Over the years its held any number of things, most recently it held homeschool supplies, kids' craft supplies and office supplies. I "accidentally" took it over about 4 months ago and now it's mostly home to my art supplies, plus a few office supplies. On the top shelf are completed projects, bottles waiting to be altered and a few "things" that I just love for one reason or another. At this point no rhyme or reason... I just don't have the space, so this is "home" to my stuff. And, above it all is my inspiration board where I have things hanging that I love, want to use, or simply to remind me of who I am.

Here you can see some of my favorite older images. Note the bird and the bird house? The bird house was a free find at our local recycle center at the town dump site. I've found LOTS of treasures there. The bird was from Mama Magpie maybe? The little glittery garland was a bargain at an antique sale to which Dear brought me for my birthday. I may use it one day, or I may just keep it. Have I mentioned I LOVE glitter?In the lower right corner is the flyer from my first ever art show... this past November. I can hardly believe it's only been about a year since I started creating. Time flies...

And here are the "American Heroes" which I spoke of in my first photo. There are a few more, they just didn't make the shot. You'll note a victorian postcard... I have a "few" of these... ahem! The beautiful buttlerfly was a find at our local farmer's market last summer. The artist makes them from old drink cans. Too too cool! I love the colors. And do you see the sweetly glittered snowflake? Wee One created that ornament. She has a love affair with snow!

I know, no "studio" pics... but seriously... it's a small small place. The vintage table, white enameled, is from my MIL's house. They were going to leave it behind when they moved. How did I miss that table all the years I visited that house?! The table sits right next to the shelves. I have many baskets on the shelves and on the table, along with vintage tins, holding my items. Across the room is an old old wooden library card catalog holding little treasures... post cards, pictures, brads, stickers, lace leaves, etc. And in the corner are stacks of plastic bins and  a huge ugly, but functional "wood" cabinet. It may not be the most beautiful of spaces, but I feel so fortunate that my dear husband understands my need to create and doesn't mind sharing the basement with me... across from the glitter, glue and pink is a big metal weight lifting station. Not to menton that around the corner is part of the family library, some antique rockers, a couple of desks and the computers. Quite the eclectic space. Welcome to my eclectic world.  A little bit of this and a little bit of that, it all helps my sweet inspiration.

Blessings, Kim

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  1. I love your inspiration board, such a great idea sweetie.