Saturday, March 20, 2010

Too many pies?

or too few fingers?

I feel like I've gotten my creative juices flowing EVERYWHERE. And, as is often the case, about the time I get going something stops me. This time it's some nasty bug I've picked up somewhere... fever, chills, cough, burning lungs, you know... nastiness.

But, I've continued to work. And, best of all, I've shared the creative process. Last Friday I began teaching collage to a group of 9 homeschool students... AND... their moms. Yes!!! I finally have ALL the moms participating. We used the background pages technique from TAM (The Artistic Mother) for our canvas and while they dried we went "shopping."  Everyone had brought "found objects" from home to share, I passed out an egg carton to each person and we went digging. A junker's paradise!

The flu/cold bug hit full force on Saturday after a full day of serving at a wedding and by that evening I was huddled and shivering under blankets while my precious Dear cared for me. We dragged out of bed on Sunday morning, headed to church so I could teach Sunday school and be refreshed by the preaching, then home again to repeat Saturday night. Monday we drove Senior Son to the airport, then home to more shivering.

Blessedly the bug is working it's way out of my system, although it's not gone yet.

 This is MMH's journal from her party. It was a "mistake" as she put it, but turned into the most gorgeous journal. The back side is more of the same along with a picture of an elf and an old ship. 

I've been LOVING using "The Artistic Mother" with my homeschool art class AND with MMH's birthday party. We did "background canvas" for our collage work in art class, but for the birthday party we made the journals. Well, they did. I'm not ready yet.
This is Wee One's journal. I think she was hungry... note the DQ, McD's and other food related items... along withe the "stop" theme... even related to the paper. Cute for a little 10 year old!
While they were working on their journals I painted more background pages, then started stamping. Then I went and pouted for a while as my pages did NOT turn out the way I wanted. I guess I'll be working on more pages. The only problem with all this is the AMOUNT OF THINGS I HAVE TO GET DONE IN THE NEXT 7 DAYS! YIKES!!!! In the midst of this online art fun, I am also helping with a first time ever Christian Childbirth Expo, which is being hosted at our church. There are five of us running this thing and I somehow am making all the fliers, invites, inserts, name tags, etc. Which "should" be fun, but somehow I am also having two booths on Saturday, same day as the expo. One is at the expo and one is at a friends sale in town... her first ever house sale. She has this awesome 40's bungalow that is decorated... in the style of the 40s. It is so stinkin' cute! Anyway, she's selling vintage, supplies, and art. (She's also an antique dealer.) In the midst of this I have to seriously get some housework done as the nasty bug has slowed me down, plus teach some co-ops, etc.

I did get about 9 necklaces, 2 pairs of earrings and 2 GORGEOUS button bracelets made last week. YEAH!!!! Of course, once I made them I wanted to keep them. AHEM! Anyone else have this problem? Sometimes it's hard to sell the art. (Other times it's "hard" to sell the art... like mine isn't moving at all on Etsy or Artfire...).

Well, that's enough. I have more pics from my weekly photo tries. I've been reading and rereading about the photos and I'm still learning. But, that's another post.
Blessings, Kim


  1. Oh, Sista I do hope you feel better soon!!!! Wow you have a heck of a productive list. kuddos to you for all that you are getting done! I would recommend that you intake some garlic and some little packets called Emergen-C they should give you a nice boost of vit. c to help get you on the mend. May all you endeavors be successful and make sure you nap and rest in between.

    Shabbat Shalom

  2. you have been extremely busy and i am loving what you have made...good luck with the next

  3. Sorry you have not been feeling well, praying for you to feel much better.