Monday, March 22, 2010

~Beauty in the eye of the beholder~

I've been avidly taking pictures each week. I guess I really need to read about what kind of pictures I'm supposed to be taking for "The Artistic Mother" group, but I'm just happy at this point to be doing some art each day. Poetry needs to come next, but that's not hard for me, I love it. Don't make time for it, but love it. And words. And taking pictures. So... anyway, here are a few shots from my recent tries. And a couple pieces of poetry, along with an occasional explanation (see below)... guess there's still a lot of teacher in me!

"These boots they keep on walkin'..."
from our weekend hike at a local state park...
our personalities shine through
mama in her sensible shoes... made to go IN the water
MMH in her favorite "throw them off" flips
Wee One in her crocs... easy on, easy off, whatever...
Dear in his HIKING shoes, because he's HIKING

 Lenten Flowers
by Kathleen Raine

Primrose, anemone, bluebell, moss
Grow in the Kingdom of the Cross

And the ash-tree's purple bud
Dresses the spear that sheds his blood.

With the thorns that pierce his brow
Soft encircling petals grow

For in each flower the secret lies
Of the tree that crucifies.

Garden by the water clear
All must die who enter here!

"Water Faeries"
Whispers and ripples,
wavelets and trills,
the sight of the faeries
my joy nearly fills.

Whimsy and notion
born in my head,
thoughts of them linger
while I lay on my bed.

Yet still in the daylight
in the shallows nearby
I see their reflections
joined with the sky.

"Fly Away Home"

"Three Tree Trolls"

Hope you enjoyed the pics. I narrowed it down from over 147.
Happy Arting!



  1. I'm speechless! This is amazing! Your poetry and photos are so awesome. I just don't think that I can find the proper words to tell you what I really think. You are so gifted.

  2. Such a precious post, love the pictures and poetry.

  3. Your photos are works of art and the poetry that you have chosen is exquisite. I look forward to checking in with you and being inspired.....seriously inspired.

  4. Thank you all for your kind comments. I'm going to admit that I wrote the poem about the water faeries. My daughter kind of shamed me into telling. I get all weird about sharing my writing. Kind of like I get all weird about saying I'm an artist. But, there it is. On occasion I write poetry.
    Blessings, Kim

  5. hello, Kim! i enjoyed this post!