Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dear Friends and Readers, Today's sale was a huge success. I so appreciate all who came by, even just to say "hi". I felt loved and supported. Dear and WeeOne were in to visit, helped to haul out to the car, and generally happy encouragers. Yesterday, set-up day, MMH and WeeOne helped as Dear had to work. They didn't even complain when I left ALL my tablecloths at home and we had to go back before we could even begin to start unloading. Then, after all their help the girls went grocery shopping and I even received a 45 minute foot massage from WeeOne. I'm telling you, I just feel loved and spoiled.

The new location was AMAZING, with much room, ample parking and a happy atmosphere. We had 35 artists, and boy were they talented! Without sharing numbers I'll just happily say that my sales this year almost quadrupled from last year. Thank you to all my customers. It was encouraging to speak with some of the people who stopped by and commented on the "Christian slant" of my art, along with a number of other artists. I'm glad that people saw testimony of God's truth in some of my pieces.

The big hits of the day are pictured below.

A Bit of Charm necklaces
Amazingly, this year people preferred the more expensive versions.
Go figure.

Domino necklaces
I happily sold half of all I had made of these to one customer.
I hope the recipients of these enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them.
Afterwards I sold even more to other customers.
This was a good batch of domino necklaces!

I was able to sell this set as a gift.
I hope the recipient knows how much love and thought went into this purchase.
A sweet sweet story.

All in all it was a fun and fulfilling day. Comments on the display were gracious and generous. Comments on the wall art warmed my heart. While the wall art didn't sell this year, my bottles began to sell and those didn't move last year. We'll see what comes next.

Be watching...

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