Monday, November 29, 2010

WoW... Cyber Sale Monday

Greetings everyone... as promised here are more items for sale. Please note that the Bit of Charm necklaces show a bit of a gap between two sides... I'm doing my best to fix that right now. My last batch, all sold, were just fine, so this should be fine as soon as I get out the pliers!

There are lots of pictures, and for most of my "BOC" necklaces I show both front and back. Hang in there, and keep scrolling down till you see something you like. Also, dont' forget to check the previous post for more items!

"BOC"... Miss Kim "Strength"
copper ball chain

Amber Swirls and Twirls
antique amber bottle, beads and copper wiring
makes a great vase!

Amber Waves
same as above, different design

Beautiful Blue
"Swarovski" discs, and glass beads
silver tone ear wires

"BOC" Bovine Beauties Psalm 23
What can I say? I love cows

"BOC" Bovine Beauties
I told you I loved cows! (I own one of these as well)

"BOC" Send in the Clowns
A simple copper ball chain, word disc and a fabulous reproduction of a period photo.


"BOC" Drama Queen Drama
Beautiful reproduction of a vintage photo, rose gold plated necklace, beads and clasp, glass beads and vintage buttons finish off this lovely piece.


"BOC" Flower Fairy

"BOC" Gladys Peace

A simple copper ball chain, with an added word charm.
Sweet and simple

"BOC" Miss Kim Strength
I simply love the look of this photo reproduction. To me it appears as if she is listening to God and gaining her strength from His grace, mercy and love.

"BOC" Sisters Phileo
Having sisters is a wonderful and special thing, whether sisters by blood or some other bond.
Hung on simple copper ball chain.

"Childbirth" a domino necklace
(please forgive the photo quality...much more beautiful in person!)




(this is child sized in length)

"Earth Tones"
a necklace and earring set
amber toned beads, glass beads and gold and silver toned beads, gold toned ear wires.
$10 (a price change from what's pictured)

"For to Such belongs the kingdom of God"
Don't let the photo size fool you.. this is a full 14x18 canvas.
The canvas has been painted, crackled, had paper added, and then coated to preserve the finish.
The assemblage pieces are mostly vintage: doll dress, watch face, photo, buttons, millinery, rhinestone jewelry, lace, rick rack, and a piece from an 1800s photo album.

"Glossy Black"
bracelet $45
earrings $25
all antique buttons... Czek glass, mourning buttons and other glass buttons
silver toned bracelet and ear wires

Jasper bracelet
jasper beads, silver toned spacers and silver toned clasp

"Pierced Heart" earrings
vintage pierced metal buttons, swarovski style beads, silver toned heart charms, sterling silver ear wires

Primary Swirl

Primary Fun

I hope you enjoy what you've seen here. I also do special orders so if something sparks an idea feel free to email. I'll happily take orders the same way. Currently I'm not set to take pay pal, so money orders are best unless you're in town... then cash works as well. Checks are accepted, but must clear before I ship the merchandise.  Shipping costs will be figured based on your order, I'll ship for as cheap as possible, but if you have a preference just let me know.

Whimsy and the word @gmail .com  (minus the spaces)

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