Sunday, November 28, 2010

How about a sale?

Hey Dear Readers...

I'm thinking about selling off some of my crafted items, and in honor of a great Art & Soul, I'll be offering these items at a discount. First item, normal price; second item 10 % off, third item 15% off. If you buy four or more items I'll discount your entire cost by 15%. I'm thinking that's a pretty great deal.

I'll show some items and prices here, and will list more as i get the pictures taken.

 Beautiful buttons: antique buttons and modern lampwork beads on a "bronze style" chain.
Lampwork Earrings: lampwork beads on gold tone ear wires

"Put your tears in my bottle"
monochromatic wall assemblage speaking of life

 The Harvest
encaustic wax altered bottle... part of "Fairy Tales in Glass" series

"The Dreamer"
another of the "Fairy Tales in Glass" series

Fairy Princess
one of the first "Fairy Tales in Glass"

Twilight Music
this is not only one of my favorites, but the bottle itself is amazing

"Knowing Faith"
one of a series of two... In Faith... bottles
encaustic wax. vintage linens, vintage book snippets, beadwork, wire, word charms

"Best Birthday Wishes" memory box
inside the lid is a birthday fairy]
box is lined with glittered felt

Golden Swirls
rose gold plated ear wires, swirls and beads, along with jade beads and glass beads

"Bird in Flight"
multiple dangles from a blue glass disc sporting a swallow charm
all on a waxed linen necklace

Flower Fields
multiple dangles from an amber toned glass disc sporting an antique metal button
hung on a bronze tone chain

Stunning Sterling
Necklace: $35
Earrings: $20

Glossy Black
bracelet: $35
and not pictured, matching earrings with the black and blue button: $25

Winter Wonderland
another in my encaustic bottle series
enhanced with a vintage rhinestone shoe clip, antique book snippets, rhinestone jewelry, beadwork, ribbon and a bronze toned word tag reading "Wander"
This piece is hard to sell, so grab it quick before I change I my mind!
~SOLD~ (LA)$35

Other items not yet photographed:
~5 domino necklaces
$10 each

~several A Bit of charms: some on plain rose gold chains, some on rose gold chains along with buttons and beads and quite a few on copper ball chains
prices range from $15 - $30

4 beaded bottles
2 vintage green and 2 vintage amber
$10 each

2 more memory boxes
$13 each

"For to such belongs the kingdom of God"
11X20 canvas collage/assemblage
blues and pinks, vintage doll dress, laces, millinery, buttons, photo, etc.

various framed quilt pieces
$6 for the 2 smaller
$15 for the larger

2 altered notebooks, both small
$4 and $6  (I think)

keep watching for these items to show up.

If you're interested you may contact me at:
whimsy and the word. blogspot .com (minus the spaces)

Shipping and taxes will be figured depending on your order.
And, don't forget... the more you buy the cheaper it gets!

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