Thursday, November 3, 2011

Creating Frenzy...

I'm not sure whether that means I'm creating a frenzy, or in a frenzy of creation. Either way works. My basement? It looks like arts and crafts threw up all over... my kitchen counter has a soldering station, my piano bench has a jewelry display, the floor by my "work" table is covered in scraps, receipts and bags from the local crafts stores, the other side on my hubby's weight bench I have my paper trimming station, along with inks, glues and some glitter. By the couch I have a table full of dominoes waiting for decor, and on the floor are 2 canvases drying, and several glittered letters also drying waiting to be turned into "JOY" canvases. In the corner is the beeswax pot where I melt the wax to coat my altered art/assemblage bottles. I have a small wooden box full of vintage flowers turned into hair clips and corsages waiting for the sale, along with some leftover memory boxes and bags of buttons. It's a LOT O' STUFF! I mean... art... HA!

And all this? It's for the 3rd Annual Art & Soul Artisans and Crafters Fair, Saturday, November 19 from 10-3 at Chapman's. Wow... run on sentence anyone? Um yeah... of course there are no new photos because I've used all my AA batteries and need some more for camera purposes. So, stay tuned. I may actually whet your whistle for the craft show with some photos. I may also show the mess and see if anyone volunteers for clean up.Or to pay for me to attend "Crafters Anonymous." Just kidding. Kind of. I would take free clean up help.

Actually, I'm quite excited for this year's show. There will be a number of other crafters and LOTS of goodies to buy for gifts for that special someone on your list.

So, I hope you all will join me. And, watch here for photos in the next 4 days... I hope.
Love, Kim

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