Monday, November 21, 2011

Art & Soul... my booth in picture form

And yes, this is for my mom and aunt who ask every year. Enjoy ladies. While my sales were few my display made me smile. See if you can find the touch of "Schalf" in the display. I have some every year...

 This year I added a small side table for Christmas items. I am so grateful to my church for allowing me to borrow these lovely table skirts!

 This is more of a frontal shot of the booth. I was able to be stationed just inside the entry doors. 

 To the left of me was "The Bath Hour." This was Sheila's first show ever. Hope she did well as April and I spent the last two years coaxing her to come. Sheila runs "Yellow Moon" a wonderful antique store in Franklin, IN. 

 Here's an array of necklaces... the natural stone necklaces are a first this year. I have a number still available in "jasper" and "turquoise." They are $25 a piece, and not yet listed on Etsy.

Here's the "Touch of Schlaf" this year... Grandpa's silver tea service from the Illinois Central Dining Car. Last year I used the table cloth from the dining car and the year before I used some vintage Christmas pieces. 

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!
Love, Kim

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