Tuesday, November 29, 2011

One More Day to Save 20%

Dear Readers,
There's one more day left to save 20% at either my Etsy store or anything you see for sale here. Now, don't be fooled. IF you see one domino necklace that means there are 18 more for sale. Actually, 14 more. Sold are: Fly, Sweet Aroma, Hope and Bloom. But the rest are still there waiting for someone to love them. And with the sale they are only $8.00 I have multiple BOC necklaces, some on ball chains and some on rose gold plated chains with dangles. ($13 and $20 during the sale).

If you shop Etsy the coupon code is "ArtandSoulmonth"... if you shop here just contact me before midnight Nov. 30.

Remember, either items seen here or in my Etsy shop. And, I'll do special orders as well, but the discount will only be 10% .

SO, check out the bottles old and new, Bit of Charm (BOC) necklaces, domino necklaces and the new natural stone necklaces. Oh... and earrings as well. Many have been made to accompany a necklace already made.

                                                 A sampling of domino necklaces... styles and colors. Happy to make special orders. 20% off pre-made and 10% off special orders. 
On Etsy coupon code is "artandsoulmonth"

 Natural stone necklaces in "jasper" and "turquoise"
each one strung on waxed linen, matching beads and dangles in rose gold plated or platinum plated. 
$20 during the sale.

BOC bottles...

The back shows the necklace hanging.

The necklace is easily removed to wear,

and then...

when you're done simply twine the necklace around the neck of the bottle.

Turn the bottle around and you'll see the lovely decorations on the front.

$24 during the sale for both bottle and necklace. (Check earlier posts for other items.)


  1. I have to say Kim I like the ones with the watches.. Nice. did you sell them all? I will have to check out your estsy shop :)

  2. Patience and Waiting are both left. And, both have watches...